Achiever is a campaign for all the women who love parkour.

Parkour women can easily create a group or join a group to practice parkour with all the parkour women. Also, they can share their personal experience with other parkour women in Achiever.

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UI/UX Designer, Visual Design Designer

Type/ Timeline

Visual Design & UX/UI
May - Jun 2018

Tools Used

Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InVision

Design Goals

The product goal is to create a platform for all the parkour women to share their experience and practice parkour together.
This business product is have an online parkour store website with new parkour information. Collaborate with other sports stores to get more users to shop on there the app will get a coffee discount or cash back to increase the business.


Parkour is currently a predominantly male activity, which makes some women stop practicing parkour and even prevents them from starting in the first place. I believe parkour women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to, however, they have to realize that they have a different learning curve than male. Therefore, some of the women want to have their own space for training parkour and meet other women who love parkour.


👩 Woman A:

“I have also met a lot of women who wanted to start training but felt intimidated because they thought everyone would be watching them, waiting for them to fail. If we begin to organize introductory “girls only” parkour training in our city, that might help more women to feel comfortable enough to get started.”

👩 Woman B:

“The biggest problem is the difference between men and women that scares a lot of girls, makes them think they will never reach ‘boys level’, they are afraid of trying. That’s why shy girls probably will never start doing parkour, even though they want it.“


Create a platform for all the parkour women to share their experience and find a parkour practice group for them to be confident in parkour. Have a website with new parkour information and the online parkour store, and create an Achiever app for all the parkour women to find a parkour practice group in San Francisco.

User Flow

1. Set up location

Enter the user's destination and pick a routes to start driving.

2. Quick search

Swipe down the app to do a quick searching for the parking lot, gas station, cafe, restaurant, and ATM nearby.

Final Design & Branding