Fodi is a prototype helps user easily read the menu.

A prototype that helps the user easily read the restaurant menu and order food by the app without any language issue.

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User Research, Ideation,
UI/UX and Visual Design

Type/ Timeline

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Visual Design
Sep -Dec 2018

Tools Used

Sketch, Adobe suite, InVision


Reading a menu is like reading a book. πŸ˜•

Some people feel like reading Menu is like reading a book, especially there are many different cultural restaurants in San Francisco. Some of the restaurant menus like to use a bounce of text and fancy language in it, which makes the customers confused and hard to understand.

What can we do?

Create a menu reader app to help the user read easily and order food without any language issue.


I start with planing out my user research plan to find a better way to understand my target audiences, my plan starts with competitor analysis (Yelp), make an easy user survey (only ten questions), and then start to do individual user interviews. I'm targeting the people who love to dining out, ages between 18 to 35 years old, and loves to eat other countries' food. I found out that...
1. People love Visual
Most of the interviewees they are a visual person, they all have the experience of struggling on reading text menu. They want to see the food photos rather than seeing a bunch of text.
2. Frustrated waiting for the waiters
Half of the interviewees are frustrated waiting for the waiters, they want to order food directly especially when they are really hungry.
3. Language issue
The other amount of interviewees are from other countries, they are frustrated to talk to waiters because of the language issue.

β€œI want to know what I paying for is worth and I want to know the actual size of the dishes.”
β€œI feel like ordering the food is a risk because you don’t know what is the food look like when it comes out.”
β€œI am a person that needs to see the food photo before IΒ order food, especially in this international city - San Francisco.”

User Journey map


The main idea is to let the foreign customer can have a better experience of reading the menu, order food at the restaurant and pay the bill by the mobile app. The initial idea is to use a scanner to scan the QR code to help the user enter the restaurant menu and order food.

final design

Based on the feedback, I made some changes from the previous wireframe, and keep doing the user testing. Finally, this is the final design.

Design Details


Get into the restaurant menu.

Using the QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the table to start read the menu and order food.

Browse the menu & order food.

Each dishes comes with photos and full details of the ingredient. There will also have a function that allows the user to customize their food.

Mobile Phone payment

No need to bring a credit card or cash, the app has a personal user wallet. Use the app to pay for food easily.

Check it out -

Final Design Prototype.

Mobile app

Takeaways πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I learn the most is the entire process of this project. Doing for the user research, writing a user survey, finding people to have a user interview and user testing, all of these processes give an opportunity to know a UX designer is not just making things beautiful, it is helping the user to get away from their pain point. All these processes helped me to get insights from my users to understand their needs.