Mar - Apr
(22 days)
Emily Ho(Me), EunJi Lee
User Research
Product Design
UX/UI Design
Visual Design
Good Together
Due to COVID-19, companies and school cancels events or proceed remotely, and Good Together is a platform for people to turn their passion into value and networking from everywhere.
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Background & Process
There's one day I saw a fellowship post from Jumpstart, my friend - EunJi and I think this topic is related to us cause we're both graduating during that time. So we decide to give it a try and to see how we can solve this problem.

We both are from different time zones, EunJi was located in Korea and I was located in Taiwan during that time, so we make a plan for this collaborative project. We break down the project scopes and timelines, use Google Sheets to plan out our weekly processes, and set up the tools that we are going to use (e.g. Slack, Figma, Trello, Miro, Photoshop & Illustrator), to work on this project.
Better way to network between industry companies and school graduates.
Our goal is to conceptualize a website that allows companies and school graduates to be able to communicate and get opportunities to network due to the COVID-19 period.
The impact of COVID-19 on canceled internships for students
COVID-19 has led to career fairs and campus events getting canceled everywhere, leaving students searching for new ways to connect with companies virtually. We’ve heard from thousands of students that they’re worried about what summer experiences they’ll be able to show potential employers in the fall.

How might we help students virtually communicate and network with companies?
Students have difficulty finding job opportunities and network with industry professionals
According to an online survey we proceeded, 68.4% of 48 student respondents look for rich information and opportunities to connect with their dream companies during the pandemic. Respondents have used LinkedIn as the most common social network service, and Zoom as the most common video conferencing service.

Most respondents haven’t met their needs by using those platforms. Because each platform like LinkedIn and Zoom has different purposes. For example, LinkedIn focuses on the social network, and Zoom focuses on virtual conferencing. The differences cause constraints, low accessibility, and an unsmooth flow to respondents.
How might we create a platform for students to network with the industry
We want to help these students and the rest of the community by creating new opportunities, so we want to create a real-time tool that have better experience for student to find jobs.

This platform will provide social network service and video conferencing service at the same time to help students get more opportunities to network with the industry.

The feature will include 1 : 1 interview, real-time feedback, events, highlighter, comments, and display key event moments for people who were unable to participate

Final Design
Feature Breakdown & Visual Details
We based on our user interview and user testing feedback and decide to make this product with the features of 1: 1 interview, real-time feedback, online events, note-taking, and display key event moments for people who were unable to participate in it. Here is the final design and feature breakdown:

Teamwork in Different Timezones
This is my first time working on a project with the partner from a different location and time zone, and we had a great time collaborating together. We set up a time for daily sync, and assign tasks for each one to work on during these 22 days.

We submit our project and luckily got an email back that we have a chances to present our works to Jumpstart. (remember we both are screaming together on the Zoom when we receive the email).

Even though in the end our idea didn't get selected, but I'm still really enjoying the working experience with EunJi, and love to get a chance to work with her.